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Privacy Policy

The Data Controller protects the personal data of users processed on the website in all expected ways.


Name of the data controller: Krisztina Cselényi

Address of the data controller: 8985. Becsvölgye Vörösszegi 20. HU

Contact information of the data controller: +36 30 9141569 Legal basis for data processing: Act No. CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information, Section 5 (1) (a) Consent of the data subject.



Consent of the data subject.

Law related to newsletter sending: Act No. XLVIII of 2008 (hereinafter: Advertising Act).

Consent to data processing: By subscribing to your newsletter, subscribing to push notifications, contacting, or applying for free consultancy, you expressly consent to the processing of the personal data voluntarily provided by you.

Scope of data subjects: Newsletter subscribers, push notification subscribers, contacts, and applicants for free consultancy.

Information collection: We collect information about you when you subscribe to our newsletter, subscribe to push notifications, contact us, or apply for our free audit. The collected information includes your name, email address, phone number, and website address. In addition, we automatically receive and record information from your computer and browser, including your IP address, software and hardware background, and the page you requested.

Use of information: Any information collected by us may be used for:

Personalizing the user experience and adapting to individual needs Customizing advertising content Developing our website Improving our user services and customer service Contacting you via email and phone Participating in contests, promotions, or surveys

Third-party implications: We do not sell, trade, or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information to outside parties. Exceptions are third parties involved in the editing of our website or the management of our business, as long as these parties treat the information entrusted to them confidentially. We believe that sharing information is necessary in cases of research, preventive, illegal activities, suspected fraud, or situations that may endanger anyone's physical integrity, the legality of using the website, or for other legally defined reasons. However, non-private information may be disclosed to third parties for marketing, advertising, or other purposes.

Information protection: We employ a wide range of security measures to maintain the security of your personal information.

Use of cookies: We use cookies. Our cookies improve access to our website and help identify repeat visitors. In addition, our cookies enhance the user experience by tracking users and their interests. However, this use of cookies is in no way linked to personally identifiable information found on our site.

Duration of data processing: We keep electronically stored personal data until a request is received from you to delete it.

Users can request from the data controller:

·       information about the processing of their personal data,

·       correction of their personal data,

·       deletion or blocking of their personal data.

The data controller shall provide information in a clear form, in writing, within the shortest time possible from the submission of the request, but no later than within 10 days, upon the registered user's request. If your request is found to be justified, immediate action will be taken to correct or delete your personal data.

Unsubscribe: We use the email address provided by you to send newsletters. If you decide one day that you want to unsubscribe from receiving further emails, detailed instructions can be found at the end of our emails.

Legal remedy: If a registered user is not satisfied with the response of the data controller, they may enforce their right to the protection of personal data before a civil court and may also contact the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information ( Act No. CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information can be found here: National Legal Repository (

Consent: By using our site, you consent to complying with our privacy policies.

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