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Forest edge, rural guesthouses, but...

At the end of the world, twice to the left, on the bank of a stream, at the edge of a forest, two puli, three horses, three houses and endless nature. 30 hectares. Among the Zala hills in Göcsej, the world of nails. 

We like to be here because we have found a new quality of life here.

The landscape, the rhythm of endless forests and fields, the proximity of wildlife, the richness of rural life.

Here, if we want, we can follow the blue tour for days or just the wild beats, not thinking about anything else, not meeting anyone else. Or we can tour the area, from the Árpád-era churches to the local producers and small markets. We go to local restaurants, exhibitions, sculptors, and artist colonies. This is also why we love this place: no matter how we arrive, we leave feeling recharged.

What do we offer you? 

You get a key and everything you need to know to feel at home - the rest is up to you!


Our houses

Choose a house in the valley for three days, a week or forever...

Always come back to recharge!

Let it be your vacation!

There is a single floor and a bunk. There are those hidden in the middle of the forest, and there are those that you can park in front of, but you can fall in love with all of them. 

Look at this!

We think...

Run around the meadow, get on the light railway, see what the deer are doing, ride a horse, ride a bike, see the blue church, go swimming or fishing! Not enough? Go to Slovenia!

Are you a true gourmet?

Or do you just love good things?

Favorite neighborhood their places we have collected it for you. How be everything for a really good breakfast, know where to buy cheese for an outdoor picnic or where to book a table so that you will remember it for next year found there to taste.

Fresh Milk
Fresh Loaf of Bread

Give the gift of peace!

Voucher for the middle of nowhere

Choose the house, indicate who you want it for and for how long, we'll take care of the rest. 

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