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Run around the meadow, get on the light railway, see what the deer are doing, ride a horse, ride a bike, see the blue church, go swimming or fishing! Not enough? Go to Slovenia! But be sure to bring boots and rubber boots for hiking and wet meadows!

Horse riding



We also have horses, but you can only pet them: they are too old and we don't ride them regularly. There is, however, 2 km away in the neighboring village, in a very beautiful environment, a horse riding opportunity suitable for everyone, as well as  lskiing lessons for beginners and advanced students!


30-minute running training for beginners (by appointment)

Riding in a class for advanced riders without running legs, in a paddock,

round - round, one after the other. For advanced riders, free cross-country riding in the area with a tour guide.




Our favorite.

We have a driving champion in the village, Béla Paizs. After consultation, you can receive groups of up to 6 people per hour.

It takes you on secret forest roads, through mountains and valleys. 


Lake Kustánszegi swimming, fishing, excursions

Lake Kustánszegi is 8 km by car or 4.5 km on foot on the route of the blue tour. Nice, tidy environment: clean water, swans and fishing paradise. Playground, fish fryer! ½ hour by bike, 1.5 hours by car, 10 minutes by foot

Picnic by the Lake

walking tour,
deer roar,


Vöröszeg is located on the route of the National Blue Tour.  With the help of the map in the houses, you can take 30-minute and 5-hour walks between Szegek.

Next to the house, from the garden lake, or after a 10-minute walk, the "Island" surrounded by streams, with wild game in the middle.


At dusk, after a few minutes of quiet waiting, the "broadcasting" usually begins: deer, foxes, wild boars, roe deer come to graze and drink from the stream. 


The big attraction happens in September: the deer are buzzing all around the house. If you are interested, we are happy to suggest a route. Mushrooms, everywhere when the heat comes after the rain.


A mushroom expert examines the Zalaegerszeg market for free!!!!

Wild Mushrooms
Sunset in the Forest

Forest Railway


The Csömöder State Forest Railway is the longest light rail network in Hungary: the total length of the system in Zala county is 109 kilometers.


It is interesting that only a third of this has passenger transport, and freight trains carrying wood still account for most of the traffic.


In addition to the small railway that winds through the wild forests, the area also offers many opportunities for recreation: an arboretum and a forestry exhibition await those interested in nature,  and the oil wells and oil industry relics operating in Bázakeretty and Budafapusta provide a program of several hours for those obsessed with the history of technology.


You always see herds of deer, families of wild boars during the trip. Both children and adults enjoy it! There is an artificial lake not far from the end station of the small railway in Kistolmács. The spring that feeds the lake came to the surface during an oil exploration explosion, and the lake was built based on its abundant water, which is excellent for fishing and beachcombing, but you can also go camping and hiking in the area.



The atmosphere of Transylvanian churches in Őrség

The Hetés az Őrség and Szentgyörgyvölgy Reformed Church, located on the border of Göcsej, is one of the most spectacular examples of Reformed churches with painted coffered ceilings in Hungary.

Built in 1787 in the Baroque style, the greatest value of the monument is the coffered wooden ceiling painted in the nave, on which 88 rectangular wooden boards painted blue and decorated with sheep's clouds can be seen.


In the middle of the uniform sea of blue and white clouds, two enclosed boards decorated with floral motifs and wreaths can be observed.

Address: 8975 Szentgyörgyvölgy,

Petőfi S. u. 33.

In the neighboring village, Nemesnép, you will find the Csaba Asztala restaurant!


Lendva - Slovenia

Lendva Castle always has good exhibitions.  The view from the vineyard is very beautiful. It's worth going through!

Modern art in an ancient castle, not far from the Hungarian border, but already on the territory of Slovenia. In Lendvá, the white-walled, L-shaped building of the Lower Lendva castle rises above the city center. In addition to the wonderful view of the city and the surrounding vineyards from the castle, it is worth visiting the historical and fine art exhibitions within its walls.

A few Michelin-recommended restaurants are not far away.

We are happy to help you with planning and organization. 



Kendlimajor artist colony

An artist colony and creative camp founded and operated by Zoltán Ludvig and his friends for 29 years.

The Ludvig International Art Colony is located in Kisrécse - Kendlimajor, 12 km from Nagykanizsa. On average, 30-40 professional visual artists visit the artist colony, the summer creative camp.

The gallery consisting of pictures collected over many years can be visited after consultation, and you can also buy some of the pictures. In addition, they also start courses.

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